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Meet Bill

I’ve spent my whole life right here in the 15th District – in the Lehigh Valley. My story is the Pennsylvania story, one of hard work, dedication to community, and perseverance to keep up with constant change.

Like so many of you, my life has taken many turns. I followed my father’s footsteps into Bethlehem Steel. When the mills moved, I went back to night school and eventually became a nurse. My wise mother taught me that change was inevitable – so I never stopped learning and building new skills to ensure that my four girls and two boys could live the American dream.

But these are not easy times, and our leaders in Washington aren’t giving us what we need to succeed. I am running for Congress because we need a fresh approach to address our concerns, for the middle class, college students, seniors, and the poor. My perspectives are yours – father, grandfather, husband, steelworker, union leader, nurse leader, local mayor, and county commissioner.

You can count on me to know what it takes to fight for our community. And I would be honored to have your support.

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