Bill has a Master’s degree from St. Francis University where he studied Healthcare Administration. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts as a double major in psychology and sociology. Bill is currently completing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. He holds three Associates degrees in Liberal Arts, Applied Science – Registered Nursing, both from Northampton Community College, and an Associate in Arts and Letters from Penn State focused on Spanish studies.

As a lifelong learner, Bill believes that all Americans deserve the opportunity to achieve their highest potential. We should strive for our children and young people to get the best education possible.

Bill will work to ensure our district’s schools get the resources they need. This includes support for universal Pre-K and Head Start, intelligent funding for K-12 learners, exploration of tech-based personalized learning platforms, and support for post-secondary education in all forms.

Bill believes teachers and support staff deserve respect and the tools necessary to educate and care for our children. This includes rewarding these professionals for their efforts with appropriate compensation.

As a school director, Bill supports Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education for 15th district students.

Finally, Bill believes we need a resurgence in civic engagement. We all need to better understand how our government works – across the local, state, and federal levels. Bill supports civics programs in our schools, including curriculum additions and active volunteer participation programs for all age groups.


The United States must reclaim its place as the global leader in education. This requires that access to the best education possible is available to a much large percentage of our citizenry than it is today.

Bill will work to make college more affordable and push to ensure tuition free college education at local community colleges becomes reality. This should be easily achievable through very minor adjustments to specific tax provisions that only benefit a sliver of the most well-off Americans.

Students must also be unburdened from crippling student debt loads and usurious interest rates.

The Federal Government is slated to make billions of dollars in profit, yes, profit, off the backs of our students from crushing student debt loads with high interest rates. This prevents our graduates and trainees from getting life started on the right foot. It puts the American Dream on hold.

Bill will fight for our students and work to change the aforementioned Federal student loan scheme.