The Economy

The Economy


Bill holds or has held careers in industry, mental health, nursing, and politics.

A retired steelworker, Bill spent 27 years as an industrial worker at the former Bethlehem Steel Corporation, Bethlehem Plant. While at Bethlehem Steel he was a union leader in the United Steelworkers of America Local 2598 and 2599.

Nursing is a second career. Bill became a Registered Nurse at age 39, and is currently a board certified psychiatric/mental health RN. Additionally, he has been in both middle and senior management positions.

Bill’s shop-floor training and diverse management experiences will help him work with all constituencies, both locally and in Washington. Bill’s policies will strive to empower our community businesses, attract new investment, create good-paying jobs, and propel the PA 15 th into the 21 st century economy.

Bill believes that investments in infrastructure, high-tech manufacturing, green energy, and the sharing economy can attract the jobs of the future, and drive the 15 th district’s growth in the coming years.

Bill will work in Congress to reduce the tax burden on small businesses. Large corporations should not receive unfair and anticompetitive subsidies while our local community businesses and entrepreneurs struggle to make ends meet.

Additionally, Bill will work to ensure that health insurance costs are not an obstacle to running a successful business in our district.

Bill will fight for equal pay for equal work, and against any and all forms of wage discrimination, including those that disadvantage women or minorities.

Bill believes in wage justice. The minimum wage must be a living wage. America must reward those who are willing to work. Bill supports a cost of living indexed federal minimum wage.

Bill supports collective bargaining should workers in any organization choose organized representation.