The Environment

The Environment

Bill supports the clear scientific consensus that climate change and global warming are affected by human activity. Climate change threatens our health, our safety, our economy, and the future health of our planet. Our scientists, economists, military leaders, and intelligence agencies agree on the importance of this issue – so must our political leaders.

Global warming does not only represent an environmental and national security threat. It is a massive economic opportunity for the United States and the PA 15th district.

Bill believes that the 15th district can get back to work by weatherizing buildings, installing green-energy capacity, investing in park and greenspace development, and attracting new R&D interest.

Bill wants our district to lead on this issue and prosper from the opportunity it presents. If we step away and miss our chance, others will surely step in.

Bill supports the climate change agreement reached in Paris in 2016.

Bill will work to strengthen the EPA so the agency can work to improve our environment.